photog life

what can I say… it’s breathtaking.


a wavy look to the beautiful black hills.


two horses grazing in a green pasture with light highlighting the small bugs
two horses grubbing on the grasslands of south dakota.


image of a double rainbow taken from a plane
bird’s eye view.


sunset over the prairie
what do you see?


old ford falcon abadoned on a south dakota prairie
ford falcon. aka… hippie van.


sun seen through tree branches
a bright look.


close up of a red peony
the perfect peony.


fresh apricots on a charcuterie table with sunlight shining in the back


indian springs waterfall in spearfish canyon park in spearfish south dakota
indian springs waterfall.


dark, large bird flying against dark storm clouds
flying high.


urban art in downtown phoenix
artists’ district… roosevelt row.


young girl eating a roasted marshmallow while looking at the camera
mini me.


lightning illuminating the sky in a bright flash
it’s electric.


close up of a yellow day lily


landscape image of the rocky mountains and cloud cover
rocky mountain high.


usery pass mountains with cloud coverage
canopy of clouds.