Life, it’s been a long road thus far. Funny thing, I’m only 45 years young, yet, I feel as though I’ve been on life’s journey for double that. Take a walk with me here.

family picture from the late 70's early 90's

Reminiscence has shifted something in me, so, take a trip down memory lane here as I remember when.

black and white selfie of a female in mirror reflective glasses and a bandana face mask

Let’s face it, change is scary. But we are in this shitshow together, so mask up and breathe in my thoughts on our current state of the world here.

portrait of a four person family in black and white

Generational differences. They can both play a role in our greatest self or diminish our own self-worth… you choose. Read about my take on generational differences here.

notebook page of i am handwriting

I am a bully… to myself. I have a keen knack for beating the shit out of myself when I’ve fucked up. Come inside for a closer look at this internal brawl… here.

grade school pic of a redheaded freckled face girl

For me, I’ve developed an aptitude for rebelling societal norms, but when it comes to beauty standards, I’ve unfortunately fallen hostage to their hypnotizing effects. Read about the unrelenting gnaw of vanity here.


So, besides the bleak facts of what light pollution is doing to our planet and the necessary ecosystems that hold it all together, I came up with this: I’m over-consumed by light pollution. Travel into the darkness of my mind here.

railroad tracks with the reflection of the sun on the tracks

Five words: I am a hot mess. Like, super-hot mess. A mess so hot, okay, I’ll stop as you probably get the point. I’m not quite sure how to unhot mess myself. I think I have it all figured out and then I’m back to creating untrue stories in my head – a loco pilot of the hot mess express. Hop on board here.